Lamb and Fossa Call for Debate with Haines and Kelly

Toms River, NJ – America First Republican candidates for County Commissioner Ashley Lamb and Sergio Fossa today called for a debate with their Regular Republican opponents Ginny Haines and Jack Kelly.


“In the coming years, Ocean County must confront HUGE issues and the people deserve to know where their County Commissioners stand,” Lamb said. “The proposed homeless shelter, the $100 million expansion of the court building, the county’s dominion voting machines — these are big issues the voters need to know about.”


Lamb added that Ginny Haines in particular must also account for her support of Liz Cheney at the recent meeting of the Republican National Committee.


“Why did Ginny Haines defend Liz Cheney and oppose President Trump when Cheney has willingly joined Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff in the political persecution of Americans rightfully protesting the stolen 2020 election,” Lamb asked?


Fossa agreed adding that politicians like Haines and Kelly who have been in office so long should have no fear of presenting their views and defending their records.


“Why did Ginny and Jack allow Dominion voting machines in Ocean County?  What is being done to replace them?  And what plans are in place to ensure the security of the ballot dropboxes,” Fossa asked?  “Better yet, why aren’t we eliminating the dropboxes entirely… election day should be on election day — Period!”


Lamb and Fossa are the latest of the America First Republicans to agree to debate their regular Republican opponents.  America First Republican Mike Crispi and Regular Republican Chris Smith have been invited to debateby the League of Women Voters and NJ 101.5, but Smith has ignored both requests.


Moreover, in Monmouth County, the League of Women Voters invited candidates for Sheriff and Commissioner to debate, but the Regular Republicans led by Sheriff and County Chairman Shaun Golden have also ignored the League.

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