Lambertville Council Candidates Steve Stegman and Benedetta Lambert Thank the Mayor for Following Their Initiative, Urge a Review of New Spending to Help Alleviate Lambertville’s Debt

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Wednesday, 22 April 2020

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues on and fiscal uncertainty is rife in all levels of government, the Governing Body of the City of Lambertville finally recognized that moving forward with a $14 million centralization plan and moving ahead with the redevelopment plan was ill-advised. As the State of New Jersey and the City of Lambertville face increasing fiscal uncertainty, Council Candidates Steve Stegman and Benedetta Lambert reiterated their commitment to Lambertville families and urged the City to have a thorough review of money already spent on both plans and a review of current and proposed additional spending and bonding. They hope that the City will review the real costs of the repair and maintenance of City- owned buildings and not entertain “wishlist” improvements that would drive up the costs at this time.

“We also thank the Mayor for responding to our pleas to pause the vote on the Redevelopment and the Centralization plan,” former Council President Steve Stegman continues, “This is a great example of the power of a grassroots movement and we are grateful for the good people of Lambertville who gave their voices to it. Next year, 2021, will now become one of the most pivotal years in the history of our small town. Important decisions will be made concerning fair share housing, centralization of city functions, and the budget. We need new leaders who will truly listen to the concerns of the community not only now, but starting in 2021 on the City Council, and be their voice. Make no mistake, Benedetta and I will be those voices.”

It has only been a few short weeks since Benedetta Lambert and Steve Stegman announced their candidacies. Since then, the City reversed its course on proceeding with the redevelopment plan and put centralization on hold. “This is a snapshot of what we will be able to accomplish, if elected to serve on the City Council,” said Stegman.

“While we are grateful the Mayor decided to postpone all decisions regarding the municipal complex until after 2020, we are still concerned about the financial stress that a potential year long study will take on our City’s finances. This is especially true when we have no idea what shape the State and City’s economies will be in the months to come,” said Council Candidate Benedetta Lambert. “Steve and I want to have an honest, forthright conversation about Lambertville’s debt and any conversation must include the nearly $385,000 increase in new spending in 2019 and the dwindling of our City’s surplus.”


Steven Stegman and Bendetta Lambert are Democratic Candidates for Lambertville City Council in the Upcoming Democratic Primary. For more information please contact them at

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