Latina Civic PAC Announces Historic Endorsement for U.S. Senate

Latina Civic PAC Announces Historic Endorsement for U.S. Senate

Latina Civic PAC Endorses First New Jersey Latina Running for Federal Office

Trenton, NJ – February 15, 2024 – New Jersey’s leading statewide Latina organization seeking to increase Latina representation in government and politics, Latina Civic Political Action Committee (“Latina Civic PAC”), proudly announces the endorsement of Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina for U.S. Senate. 

“Patricia is a consummate community builder,” stated Noemi Velasquez, chair of the Latina Civic PAC Endorsement Committee. “Her lifelong commitment to, and advocacy of labor matters, women’s issues, immigration, and advancement of all people is testament that her experience has not been on the sideline, but in the trenches,” she added. “Patricia will represent the very essence of New Jersey and will deliver for all of us in the U.S. Senate.”

Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina has a history of fighting for Latinos, from championing progressive causes as a nationally recognized labor leader, and as an educator at The Worker Institute, ILR-Cornell University, where she oversees the successful management of the Institute’s vision and mission to advance collective bargaining, worker rights, economic and racial justice through  research to education on contemporary labor and workplace issues. If elected to the U.S. Senate, Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina would be shattering the glass ceiling as the first woman and first Latina in history to represent New Jersey in the U.S. Congress. 

Patricia has always been a fierce advocate for Latinas running for office, educating, training, and recruiting new candidates, while also protecting incumbent Latina officeholders. She has fought for Latina representation at all levels of government for her entire career. 

Dr. Campos-Medina is the immediate past president of Latina Civic Action, Latina Civic PAC’s sister organization that advocates on behalf of the Latino community having a voice in enacting policies that encourage economic opportunity, equity and inclusion across all areas of society. 

Latina Civic PAC is a non-partisan political action committee whose mission is to increase the number of Latinas in elected and appointed offices in the State of New Jersey. The organization promotes and supports progressive leaders who stand up for an agenda that invests in Latina political leadership and advances critical issues that matter to Latinas in New Jersey. Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina represents all the qualities and credentials required to represent New Jersey in the U.S. Senate. She has been a champion for working families and has a record of more than 30 years of advocating for them. It is for those reasons, the board at Latina Civic PAC enthusiastically endorse Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina for U.S. Senate. We are proud to stand with her as she leads as an example of what Latina leadership looks like.

Latina Civic PAC is committed to helping Latinas engage in the political process and helping them run for public office while raising early money so they can become viable contenders. All contributions to Latina Civic PAC are not tax deductible. 

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