Latino Action Network Releases Endorsements for 2019 Assembly Elections

Latino Action Network Releases Endorsements for 2019 Assembly Elections

SCOTCH PLAINS: The Latino Action Network (LAN) released its endorsements for the 2019 New Jersey Assembly general elections today. Endorsements were based on candidates’ support of four of our policy issues including stopping the construction of prisons designed for minors, legalization of adult-use cannabis, discriminatory housing policies, and driver’s licenses for the undocumented. In addition, we asked candidates to describe their support for Latino candidates and their work with the Latino community.

“All candidates for the Assembly were given the opportunity to fill out our survey and request our endorsement. Of the candidates who took the time to do so and after lengthy deliberation, the following have received our full support in the November 2019 election,” said Endorsement Committee Chair Cuqui Rivera. “We wish all our candidates the best of luck at the polls!”

  • Gabriela Mosquera (LD 4)
  • William Moen (LD 5)
  • Bill Spearman (LD 5)
  • Louis Greenwald (LD 6)
  • Pamela Lampitt (LD 6)
  • Carol Murphy (LD 7)
  • Wayne Lewis (LD 9)
  • Anthony Verrelli (LD 15)
  • Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (LD 15)
  • Andrew Zwicker (LD 16)
  • Joe Danielson (LD 17)
  • Robert Karabinchak (LD 18)
  • Nancy Pinkin (LD 18)
  • Yvonne Lopez (LD 19)
  • Annette Quijano (LD 20)
  • Deana Lykins (LD 24)
  • Christine Clarke (LD 26)
  • Laura Fortgang (LD 26)
  • Yasin Celik (LD 30)
  • Nicholas Chiarvalloti (LD 31)
  • Angela McKnight (LD 31)
  • Angelica Jimenez (LD 32)
  • Annette Chaparro (LD 33)
  • Tom Giblin (LD 34)
  • Britney Timberlake (LD 34)
  • Shavonda Sumter (LD 35)
  • Gary Schaer (LD 36)
  • Valerie Vainieri Huttle (LD 37)
  • Gordon Johnson (LD 37)

LAN is a broad, statewide coalition of Latino organizations dedicated to political empowerment, the promotion of civil rights, and the elimination of disparities in the areas of education, health, and employment. It was founded in 2009.

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