Latino Coalition to Honor Civil Rights Champion, Immigrant and Labor Activist Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina to be Honored


Latino Coalition to Honor Civil Rights Champion, Immigrant and Labor Activist Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina to be Honored


For Immediate Release: September 15, 2021


The Latino Coalition of New Jersey [LCNJ] today announced the recipient of the 2021 “Civil Rights Champion” award to be given out on September 18 at the Latino Festival of Monmouth County in downtown Freehold.


This year’s recipient is Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina, a powerful voice for the excluded particularly laborers and undocumented immigrants. Campos-Medina is the Executive Director of The Worker Institute, ILR at Cornell University.


In selecting her the Latino Coalition took note of her advocacy for undocumented immigrants through the Excluded New Jerseyans Fund which seeks to aid families financially destabilized by the pandemic and ineligible for other relief programs. Also considered, was Campos-Medina’s work to protect domestic workers and her ongoing efforts to pass legislation to provide them with labor protections.


“Committee members have watched her develop as an advocate for many years now and we are eager to see what new heights she will reach,” said Frank Argote-Freyre, Director of the LCNJ. “The award is intended not only to acknowledge her accomplishments but to encourage her future advocacy.”


A full accounting of her accomplishments and her resume can be found on the following web page —


The award was established in 2017 to honor the efforts of those promoting civil rights in New Jersey. Past Honorees are listed below:




Freehold Borough Superintendent Rocco Tomazic for expanding the borough schools and confronting anti-Latino discrimination.


Community Activist Daniel Santo Pietro for his work among the poor in Latin America and for Latino community-based non-profits across New Jersey.




Justice Gary Stein for championing desegregation in New Jersey schools through groundbreaking litigation.


Community Activist Alvaro Aguilar for his efforts at organizing undocumented immigrants, and specifically DACA recipients to fight for immigration reform.




Affordable Housing Advocate Kevin Walsh for promoting affordable housing across New Jersey in his role as Executive Director of the Fair Share Housing Center.


Community Program Provider Beatriz Oesterheld for her work with immigrants and victims of domestic violence through the Hispanic Women’s Resource Centers and as Executive Director of the Community Affairs Resource Center.


2020: No award given amidst the Covid Pandemic.

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