LD4 GOP Challengers Earn NEW JOBS PAC Endorsement

September 18, 2023, Fourth Legislative District – LD4 State Senate GOP challenger Chris Del Borrello and his running mates, Assembly GOP challengers Matt Walker and Amanda Esposito, today announced they earned the coveted NEW JOBS PAC endorsement over incumbent Assemblyman Paul Moriarty and his running mates.
“We are honored to have received this endorsement because it’s a testament to the fact that our state’s business leaders and job creators know that we need a new direction,” said Del Borrello, who helps to run his own family’s business. “Paul Moriarty has been in Trenton for 17 years and our state has gotten less competitive economically, as more and more businesses, jobs, and people flee the oppressive tax structure and suffocating regulations coming out of Trenton. As Senator, I promise a new direction and I look forward to working with our state’s business leaders – especially here in South Jersey – to make it happen.”
“This endorsement speaks to our significant momentum on the ground and a growing belief that we can win this race. The people of South Jersey have grown weary of career politicians who have become rubber stamps for an agenda in Trenton that knows nothing other than more taxes, more spending, and more borrowing,” said Walker and Esposito in a joint statement. “New Jersey struggles to compete with our regional neighbors precisely because the policies in Trenton are anti-business, anti-worker, and anti-taxpayer. When we win in November, change is coming.”
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