League of Women Voters Launches ‘Make a Voting Plan’ Campaign

League of Women Voters Launches ‘Make a Voting Plan’ Campaign


(Eastern Bergen County, New Jersey; September 24, 2020) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact and affect peoples’ lives and our elections, the League of Women Voters of Northern Valley (LWVNV) wants citizens to know how to participate in the upcoming 2020 General Election.  With a lot of misinformation circulating about this election, the LWVNV encourages voters to fact check information and seek out reliable resources.  This election offers multiple options for casting a ballot.  The League is working to ensure voters get accurate, nonpartisan, and trusted election information.

“This year, people need to be diligent and educate themselves about the voting process and exercise their right to vote.  Between now and the General Election on November 3, the League of Women Voters of Northern Valley plans to provide ongoing, updated Voters Service information to the public,” said Joyce Luhrs, Vice President of Marketing, League of Women Voters of Northern Valley.


For nonpartisan election information, voters may visit the League of Women Voters Education Fund’s VOTE411.org site.  This hands-on site provides details about a voter’s registration status; poll locations and times; information about federal, state, and local races and candidates; analyses of New Jersey’s three ballot issues; registration deadlines; voter eligibility requirements; and more.

During this election season, the LWVNV is introducing young adults to the election process and providing them with information to vote in the General Election.  “Letters were sent to high school superintendents in the 29 municipalities the LWVNV services to engage students, who will be 18 years by November 3, to register to vote.  We encourage voters to access Vote411.org to learn more about the candidates in the 15 municipal, contested elections taking place in eastern Bergen County in our service area, said Vicki Sidrow, member of the LWVNV Voters Service committee.

Online Voter Registration

In New Jersey, eligible voters may now register to vote online.  The voter registration deadline is October 13.  If a voter is already registered to vote, they should check if their voter registration status is correct and active.

For this election, all active registered voters will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot without needing to apply.  Voters can return vote-by-mail ballots to a designated a ballot drop box, through the U.S. postal system, in-person at their County Board of Elections or at their polling place on Election Day.  All ballots returned through the mail must be postmarked by November 3 and received no later than 8 p.m. by November 10.  Ballots returned in-person or in drop boxes must be returned by 8 p.m. on Election Day, November 3.

Voters are encouraged to vote and return their vote-by-mail ballots, as soon as possible and to track their  ballots using the ‘Track My Ballot’ tool on the New Jersey Division of Elections website at nj.gov/state/elections/vote-track-my-ballot.shtml.  If a ballot is tentatively rejected because of a signature issue, either the signature does not match or the signature is missing, the issue can be corrected and the ballot can be counted.  This process is known as “curing” a ballot.  When the ballot is tentatively rejected, the voter will be sent a notice in the mail, with a form to complete and send back to “cure” their ballot.

Voting Options

Voters still have the option to vote in person.  Municipalities are required to open at least one polling place and counties must open at least half of their total polling places.  Voters can expect closures and consolidations, and they are advised to check their assigned polling location.  Voters will receive notification in the mail with their polling place locations, and the locations will also be listed at www.lwvnj.org.   Any voter who chooses to cast their vote in-person at their polling place will use a provisional paper ballot.  Individuals with disabilities will have access to an ADA-conforming voting machine.  Polling places will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on election day on November 3.

For further information about the LWVNV, go to its webpage, http://bit.ly/LWVNVInformation, or contact (201) 947-0756 or lwvno.valley@gmail.com.

About League of Women Voters of Northern Valley

The League of Women Voters of Northern Valley, a chapter of the League of Women Voters (LWV), is a non-partisan, grassroots civic organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.  The LWV was an outgrowth of the 19th Amendment passed in 1920 giving women the right to vote.  Today, the LWV operates at the state and local levels through more than 700 state and local Leagues in all 50 states and in Washington D.C., the Virgin Islands and Hong Kong.

The League of Women Voters of Northern Valley was founded in 1946 as the League of Women Voters of Closter.  By 1964, it included 11 municipalities in the Northern Valley and was renamed the League of Women Voters of Northern Valley.  Today, the chapter serves 29 municipalities.

The organization develops grassroots leadership and achieves widespread credibility because it is strictly nonpartisan.  Throughout the year, a range of voters services and programs are provided, including candidates’ forums, registration drives, dissemination of nonpartisan information about candidates and issues, and public meetings to discuss current issues.


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