Let’s Drive NJ Applauds Senator Sacco’s Support for Legislation S-3229, Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses to More Residents, Urges Lawmakers to Pass Legislation by June 30th

Let’s Drive NJ Applauds Senator Sacco’s Support for Legislation S-3229, Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses to More Residents, Urges Lawmakers to Pass Legislation by June 30th


Senator Sacco, joined by Assemblywoman Jimenez and Assemblyman Mejia, announced that he would co-sponsor legislation S-3229 to expand access to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.


North Bergen, NJ — Joined by Assembly members Angelica Jimenez and Pedro Mejia, today Senator Nicholas J. Sacco announced his support for legislation allowing more residents, including undocumented immigrants, to obtain driver’s licenses. In response, leading advocates with the Let’s Drive NJ campaign applaud the Senator’s announcement and urge lawmakers to pass the legislation, A-4743 and S-3229, by June 30th before they go on summer break.


“Everyone deserves an opportunity to work hard, take care of their family and live a better life, and I have come into contact with thousands of immigrant families here in North Bergen striving every day to accomplish those goals,” said Senator Sacco. “This legislation would remove a severe barrier to living the American Dream for half a million New Jersey residents, and in the process would make our roads safer for all drivers by mandating proper insurance coverage and driver training. I’m proud to stand with immigrant advocates on this important issue and I will work to make sure it is enacted into law.”

“As a Dominican immigrant,  I am proud to support this legislation that will improve mobility for hundreds of thousands of immigrant and Latino families in New Jersey. Access to a driver’s license is key to being able to thrive in New Jersey, where driving is a necessity in day to day life. Our communities can’t wait for this basic provision. I urge my fellow lawmakers to take action now and pass expanded access to drivers licenses in New Jersey,” said Assemblyman Pedro Mejia.


“Regardless of immigration status, every mother and father in New Jersey should be able to drive their kids to school and to the doctor and provide for their families. Allowing more residents to access a driver’s license will help the more than 168,000 children in New Jersey who have a parent that currently cannot get a license. I urge my fellow legislators to sign on to co-sponsor and prioritize passing this common-sense legislation,” said Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez.


“Any initiative regarding access to driver’s licenses should be welcome. Now as a resident of District 32, the simple fact that our Senator directly supports this initiative gives more value in the eyes of those represented. The fact that you have a representative who is at the forefront of the most important needs of your community is meaningful to the constituency,” said Carlos Barrios, resident of Union City and member of Wind of the Spirit, Immigrant Resource Center. “Issuing licenses would solve many problems and needs of both cities and their residents. I would say it is a mutual benefit all way around, benefiting for both sides. Those legislators supporting bill A4743/S3229 should encourage others to do so as well and inform them of the benefits for their constituents, districts and the state.”


“The impact of not being able to drive in New Jersey goes beyond just our undocumented residents and impacts mixed status and low-income families, survivors of violence and those who are re-entering their community after serving their time. Passing A-4743 and S-3229 is a win for all. We can make our roads safer and benefit state and local economies. ” said Johanna Calle, Director of the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice.



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