Linda Weber’s Statement on the Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare Bill

Linda Weber’s Statement on the Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare Bill


There is nothing redeemable about the Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare bill. It will severely harm the health care of every American and substantially raise costs for millions who are older, disabled, in nursing homes, or have pre-existing conditions. For many of us, having access to affordable health care is the difference between life and death, which is why this version of Trumpcare is especially cruel, immoral, and irresponsible.


New Jersey residents will be among the most affected by this bill. It will strip our state of $17 billion in federal healthcare funding by 2027 while redistributing our tax dollars to Republican-controlled states that have smaller populations and pay much less in federal taxes.


Even more disturbing is this bill’s implications for New Jersey residents with pre-existing conditions. New Jersey has the 4th highest cancer rate in the nation, and under this bill, an individual with metastatic cancer could see a premium surcharge of $142,650 according to the Center for American Progress. Additionally, premiums for pregnancy will cost an additional $17,320 and older Americans could end up paying up to 5 times more than younger individuals.


We will not be fooled. The Graham-Cassidy bill is just Trumpcare by another name. It will significantly hurt New Jersey, and millions of families will suffer. That’s why I’m calling on Rep. Leonard Lance to stand up for New Jersey and join me, New Jersey hospitals, leading physician groups, and countless other care organizations in opposing this heartless and reckless legislation.

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