Linden Education Association President Fully Endorses Senator Joe Cryan For Senate Re-Election

Linden Education Association President Fully Endorses Senator Joe Cryan For Senate Re-Election

Dear Colleagues,

Oftentimes it is stated that elections are very important if not the most important election of a lifetime. While often this can be overstated, I cannot understate the importance of the upcoming Senate primary election in the 20th legislative district. Senator Joe Cryan has been a champion of working women and men in our district. His advocacy for us workers is unmatched, and he has always had our backs. We must make sure to have his back in this election.

School employees were vilified under the previous administration. Despite the promise of quality health benefits in exchange with lesser salaries, Governor Chris Christie pulled the rug from under school employees and imposed Chapter 78. The consequences were that for almost a decade, many school employees made less money in their net pay despite gross salary increases. Imagine that if every time you received a raise, you made less money…. That was the situation we were faced with for many years. Joe Cryan was our champion in fighting against Chapter 78. He stood up against the Christie administration as they continued to attempt to erode the collective bargaining rights of workers. And finally, Joe Cryan was the main sponsor of the legislation that reversed Chapter 78 and established a pathway for the bargaining of health benefits once again.

Joe Cryan’s advocacy directly led to more state funding for all of the public schools in the 20th legislative district. He has fought for more mental health services for our students in our schools. Joe Cryan understands that students need a wide range of support and services in order to thrive. He has been a main sponsor of free and reduced lunch programs in our state. His advocacy of students does not end at the end of 12th grade. Joe Cryan has been a fierce champion of affordable/ free community college in our state. He has supported student debt relief programs because he understands how student debt holds back the working and middle class.

Joe Cryan has been a leader on LGBTQ+ rights and minority equality in our state. When others have fallen short, he has been our advocate. Joe Cryan understands that social justice is the cornerstone of a free, fair, and just society.

During the last year of trauma and pain, Joe Cryan has been instrumental in setting up our COVID-19 testing and vaccination operation in Union County. He has promoted science-based information and has made sure Union County residents were at the forefront of vaccines. Joe Cryan continues to advocate for PPE, workplace safety rules, and for support for our small businesses.

I urge you to vote for Senator Joe Cryan not because he is entitled to our vote but because has earned our vote by having our backs. Let us make sure to put the champion of working people back in Trenton.


Eloy J. Delgado



“Eloy Delgado is the President of Linden Education Association. He represents over 1000 school employees that serve the Linden community in a variety of positions. His members live in a variety of communities in Union County.”

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