Lonegan Laces into Gottheimer Tax Scheme

Lonegan Laces into Gottheimer Tax Scheme

“Who is Josh Gottheimer trying to kid?”

HACKENSACK – District 5 Republican Congressional candidate Steve Lonegan laced into Josh Gottheimer today, calling the liberal Democrat’s charitable deduction proposal “absurd” and nothing but a “a publicity stunt.”

“While the American people are now enjoying the fruits of the Republican agenda, Josh Gottheimer wants to bring back the disastrous Obama-Pelosi policies which failed to create jobs and delivered anemic economic growth,” charged Lonegan.

“Thanks to the Republican tax relief, the country is now growing jobs, wages are going up, the stock market is roaring, and 4% economic growth is right around the corner. Yet, Josh Gottheimer fought tooth and nail against these tax cuts for working Americans. Now, all he can do is concoct absurd ideas that amount to nothing but a publicity stunt.

“Who is Josh Gottheimer trying to kid?

“While he claims to be working for taxpayers, he’s using this issue to soften up his own constituents for the coming Phil Murphy tax-and-spend body blow.

“Taxpayers in District 5 deserve better than a two-faced politician who is a cheerleader for an agenda that will break their backs,” said Lonegan.


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