MacArthur Campaign Calls On Kim To Take Down Ad


Toms River, New Jersey – In a rebuke of Andy Kim’s latest television ad, Sal Rizzo The Washington Post reporter for The Fact Checker, concluded that Kim engaged in “a classic case of resume puffery”, oversold “his bipartisan credentials”, and stretched “his resume to elastic extremes.”


“Andy Kim is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars misleading people about his resume and lying about his experience. He needs to take this ad down now and remove these puffed up claims from his website and social media. If he has an ounce of decency, he will also apologize to the voters of Burlington and Ocean counties for deceiving them,” said Congressman Tom MacArthur. “There are plenty of tough questions that Andy Kim should have to answer over the next few days and the first is whether or not he will take down this false ad.”


Video from The Washington Post
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