MacArthur Demands Action from Amtrak CEO on Train Derailment

MacArthur Demands Action from Amtrak CEO on Train Derailment

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Tom MacArthur called on the CEO of Amtrak to respond to the recent train derailment at Penn Station and the company’s lack of leadership after the incident.

“Many of my constituents rely on a dependable and functioning transit system to get to work and care for their families—unfortunately this is not happening because of Amtrak’s failed leadership,” said Congressman Tom MacArthur. “Last Monday’s incident was the second derailment in less than two weeks—and to makes matters worse, Amtrak admitted that it knew this specific track was experiencing problems, but did not fix the track’s condition. I am requesting that the Federal Government reconsider its financial relationship with Amtrak if it continues to exhibit this lack of leadership and disregard for its passengers.”

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