MacArthur Digital Buy Hits Kim’s Improper Tax Break

Toms River, April 16, 2018 – The MacArthur for Congress campaign recently launched a digital ad buy hammering dishonest Democrat Andy Kim for improperly benefiting from a special property tax break on his expensive Washington, D.C. condo, while living, voting and running for elected office in New Jersey, a clear violation of Washington, D.C. law.  

The web video can be found at www.AndyKimLies.com, which was launched to highlight a series of mistruths that have already begun to plague Andy Kim’s run for Congress.


“In order to receive the substantial Homestead Deduction on his expensive D.C. condo, Andy Kim was required to fill out forms with D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue, and after moving to New Jersey, he was required to fill out another form to alert Tax and Revenue that he was no longer eligible for his big tax cut.  In other words, Andy Kim’s claim that he didn’t know he was getting improper property tax break is a complete and total lie,” said MacArthur campaign consultant Chris Russell, who said that Kim may be subject to fines and penalties for his actions.  The rules can be found on the Office of Tax & Revenue’s web site.


“The facts of the case are not in dispute. Andy Kim moved to New Jersey, registered to vote here in May 2017, voted here in the June 2017 primary, and then announced he was running for Congress here later that month, all while still benefiting from a substantial property tax break that only people who claim Washington, D.C. as their principal place of residence are entitled to.  If Andy Kim thinks he can brush off not paying his own property taxes while running for office in the highest-taxed state in the country, he is gravely mistaken,” added Russell.

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