MacArthur Introduces Legislation Lowering Rates on Military Care Packages


MacArthur Introduces Legislation Lowering Rates on Military Care Packages

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom MacArthur introduced the Care Packages for Our Heroes Act to reverse unexpected postal rate hikes that have negatively affected nonprofit organizations that send care packages to our servicemembers deployed overseas.


These rate changes are the result of the United States Postal Service (USPS) consolidating centers that process APO/FPO military mail. Previously, five of these centers were located throughout the country, but have now been consolidated into a single facility located in Chicago, Illinois. As a result, nonprofits and others wishing to send care packages to servicemembers must now pay the domestic postage rate from their location to Chicago, instead of the much more conveniently located centers they previously used.


“Nonprofits play a major role in helping families and friends stay connected with loved ones deployed overseas,” said Congressman Tom MacArthur. “Because of rate hikes, some nonprofits will see a drastic increase in postage costs that will severely limit the number of packages they can afford to ship. This bill will reverse the rate increases and force the Postal Service to institute a flat rate for mail sent to an overseas military installation.”


“Care packages provide much needed basic comforts and a morale boost to our servicemembers,” MacArthur continued. “I see letters all the time from men and women in the Armed Services thanking us for the packages and the continued support. We owe it to our troops to reverse this unexpected decision and continue to allow nonprofits to provide these services.”


Local nonprofit Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey applauded Congressman MacArthur’s legislation.


“We’re grateful to see this legislation introduced to reverse additional expenses on mail being sent to our servicemembers overseas. This legislation will ensure that loved ones, family members, and military support groups and non-profits are not impacted by a logistics change to military mail service to overseas military bases,” Dave Silver of Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey said.


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