Mayor Asks Governor to Help Lower Property Taxes with Restoration of Energy Receipts

Mayor Asks Governor to Help Lower Property Taxes with Restoration of Energy Receipts

Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede wants to help lower the cost of living for residents in her community and across the state by providing property tax relief for working families; and to help accomplish this goal; she is asking Governor Murphy to help.

As the Governor begins preparation for the Fiscal Year 2020 budget, Yaede is calling on Murphy to restore the energy receipts and CMPTRA funds, which were reduced – and never restored – over the past decade in order to help reduce property taxes.

Murphy’s predecessor, former Governor Chris Christie, reduced funding early in his tenure, which resulted in Hamilton losing roughly $5 million in revenue to offset property taxes.   Yaede had petitioned Christie to restore the funding while he was still Governor. She also worked with area state legislators and mayors on ways to restore the funding to towns to help reduce property taxes.

In her letter, Mayor Yaede wrote:

This action would benefit hard-working families, including young adults who are starting their families and desire to remain in our state for future generations, as well as our older citizens who wish to remain in New Jersey – close to their children and grandchildren. 

Yaede noted that members of Murphy’s party in the State Legislature have sponsored bills to restore energy receipts and CMPTRA funds – including those representing Hamilton – and that the return of funding to FY2008 (before the cuts took place) would only account for a fraction of the overall state budget.

Recently, on a conference call with Governor Murphy’s staff, Mayor Yaede voiced her sentiments on this important issue.


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