Mayor Gusciora Announces Release of CDBG Funding

Trenton is seeing a power struggle between Mayor Reed Gusciora and Council President Kathy McBride.

Mayor Gusciora Announces Release of CDBG Funding

Money Previously Allocated; Projects to Resume

Trenton N.J. – Mayor Reed Gusciora is announcing today the United States Department of Housing and Economic Development’s (HUD) decision to release Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding which was previously awarded to the City of Trenton.

The funding was originally, and primarily frozen because of HUD’s concerns about staffing levels within City Hall and other accountability measures during past decades. The Department of Housing and Economic Development (HED) has since filled many of the positions that were eliminated during previous administrations.

Our action plans were approved, and we now have access to funding for key City projects.” Mayor Gusciora argued, “All this money has already been allocated and accounted for, but this helps to reimburse the municipality for past spending.”

Most of the funding will be used to pay back for past projects, but the rest will go into public facility renovations. Senior and recreation centers, which are in desperate need of improvements, will now be able to be addressed.

2015 and 2016 projects have already been implemented, the city is currently seeking reimbursement for the expenses.

2018 and 2019 annual actions plan projects will be implemented through 2022.

The 5.5 million-dollar 2018 and 2019 projects include:

  • $3.6m – Public Facility Improvements.  Public Facility improvements include rehabilitation to some or all of the below senior and community center facilities.  A comprehensive list of improvements covering nearly $7 million was created and will be used to select projects over the next several years. The highest priority is the North Clinton Community Center because the City has a large grant to run at – risk youth programs from this facility.  Other facilities include:  North Clinton Rec Center, Reading Senior Center, Sam Naples Senior Center, West Ward Rec Center, Jennye Stubblefield Senior Center, S. Broad Street Senior Center and the Roebling Wire Factory
  • $1.1m – Past reimbursement
  • $372,000 – support Senior Center Operations – hire employees to manage centers and expand services
  • $230,000 – housing rehab program
  • $350,000 – Public Services – Non-Profit agencies include but not limited to: CYO, Boys and Girls Club, Literacy NJ, MCC, PEI Kids, YMCA, Mill Hill PEERS

“We’re confident that our relationship with HUD is finally getting to where it needs to be,” continued the Mayor, “Trenton deserves the attention that we’re receiving from the Federal Government.”

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