Mayor Gusciora Makes Change to City Hall Hiring Policy

Mayor Gusciora Makes Change to City Hall Hiring Policy

Persons with Prior Records to be Considered

Trenton N.J. – Mayor Reed Gusciora announced on Tuesday, July 23, that he is changing a long-standing internal policy which restricted the City’s ability to hire constituents with criminal backgrounds.

This announcement was made during a press conference conducted with author and community activist Tracey Syphax, and Perry Shaw of ‘A Better Way.’ Both men have helped countless individuals adjust to life after serving prison terms.

The guidelines for the policy change are as follows:

  1. The crime must be of a non-violent nature.
  2. It must not be a crime of the 1st or 2nd degree.
  3. It must not involve domestic violence, a minor who is a victim, or a sex offense.
  4. The hire must not violate the city’s nepotism policy.
  5. The circumstances must indicate that the applicant is a person who is capable of being rehabilitated.


Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Mayor Gusciora stressed the need for opportunities for our young community members and those who have been convicted of low-level drug offenses.




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