Menendez Letter Endorsing Harrison For Congress



In 2018, the people of South Jersey elected a Democrat to represent them in Congress.


However, in early 2020, that Democrat, Jeff Van Drew, turned his back on his constituents and defected to the Republican party to support Donald Trump.


And now, we’re in the middle of a battle to turn New Jersey’s 2nd District blue, again — and Brigid Callahan Harrison is the one who can make it happen.


Jeff Van Drew betrayed South Jersey’s trust. But Brigid will be the one to restore it. Can you split a donation today to help send her to Washington?


Brigid is fighting for the issues that matter most to New Jersey, such as access to affordable health care, gun safety reform, and reproductive rights — just to name a few.


We need a true Democrat in Congress fighting for the people of South Jersey, not an opportunist who will jump ship when it’s politically convenient.


It’s time to bring integrity back to New Jersey’s 2nd District — and that starts with electing Brigid.


Brigid Callahan Harrison is the type of leader South Jersey needs and deserves, and I’m doing all I can to help send her to Congress. If you’re with me, please split a donation today.


Thank you,


Bob Menendez

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