Mental Health & Substance Abuse Providers Call on New Jersey To Save Acute Outpatient Services

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Providers Call on New Jersey To Save Acute Outpatient Services

Partial Care and Intensive Outpatient Services are in danger of disappearing, and thousands of New Jerseyans risk hospitalization in the inevitable fallout. Since 2022 the number of programs serving clients has dropped by almost a quarter, and many more are at risk of following suit. Medicaid pays $19.89/hr for partial care, while the cost of care is as high as $27/hr. Without intervention from the state, many more programs will close, taking the progress of too many New Jerseyans with severe mental health challenges with them. Without these programs, many will backslide and find themselves hospitalized or worse. An expensive alternative, costing the state more than it would to raise the reimbursement rates for these programs to keep them sustainable and harming thousands in the process.

29 providers of these services have signed the letter below urging the Legislature to pass S668/A2868 and for the Governor to sign it into law.

To Whom It May Concern,

Please support bills S668 and A2868 and help pass them into law.

This bill aims to increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for in-person partial care and intensive outpatient behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment services. These services provide vital support to individuals struggling with mental health issues, helping them manage symptoms, maintain stability, and improve overall well-being.

Current Medicaid reimbursement rates lag significantly behind the cost of care, putting these services at risk of disappearing. This would leave vulnerable populations without access to life-saving care and result in thousands of hospitalizations, a bigger financial burden to the state.

By supporting this bill, you will help ensure that mental health professionals can continue to provide high-quality care to those who need it most. This increased funding will also address the perpetuation of inequities in the system and ensure vulnerable populations receive the care they deserve.

Furthermore, this bill increases rates to align our transportation costs with LogistiCare’s rates, which are funded by the state for non-emergency Medicaid transportation. Despite our efficient operations, we receive lower rates for the same services, resulting in financial losses. This rate increase will ensure our facility can continue providing essential mental health and addiction services, including reliable transportation, to the community.

We urge you to prioritize the mental health needs of New Jersey’s most vulnerable populations by supporting S668 and A2868.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.


The undersigned

Vince Haba, Executive Director
All Access Mental Health

Jim Curtin, Chief Business & Government Relations Officer
Acenda Integrated Health

Brian Fitzgerald, President & Chief Executive Officer
Matt Binder, Senior Advocacy Specialist
CenterPath Wellness, an Affiliate of Easterseals New Jersey

Robert Davison, Chief Executive Officer
Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris, Inc.

Michelle Borden, Chief Executive Officer
NewBridge Services

Derry Holland, Chief Executive Officer
Oaks Integrated Care

Debbie Chisolm, Executive Director
South Jersey Behavioral Health Resources

Elizabeth Meenan, Executive Director
The Guidance Center

Nicolle DeLuca, Program Director
Wiley Christian Behavioral Management Services

Dan Czermak, President

Viktoriya Fine, Chief Executive Officer
Adult Family Health Services

Yochanan Danziger, Executive Director
Advanced Behavorial Care services

Alex Kushnir, Chief Financial Officer
Behavioral Crossroads and Behavioral Crossroads Recovery LLC

Martin Coleman, Program Administrator
Community Care

Dov Dembitzer, Executive Director
Emerald Behavioral Healthcare – Camden

Eugene Buchinger, Executive Director
Helping Hand Behavioral Health – Clayton

Aron Kreiswerth, Executive Director
Helping Hand Behavioral Health – Galloway

Daniel Blatt, Executive Director
Highpoint Partial care

Shea Jacobs, Managing Partner
Michael Lutz
Medallion Behavioral Helth

Yossi Deutsch, Chief Executive Officer
Mercer Behavorial Health

Eli Kaufman, Executive Director
Morning Glory

Eli Schon, Executive Director
New Essecare of NJ

Phil Fuhrer, Chief Financial Officer
Phoenix Behavorial Health

Michael Samet, Chief Executive Officer
Social Club House

Aron Taub, Founder
Social Recovery Center

Zalman Drew, Governing Body
Samuel Oberstfeld, Executive Director
Taylor Care Adult Behavioral Health

Chesky Schomberger, Executive Director
The New Hope Behavioral Center

Eli Danziger, Executive Director
Unity Place of Atlantic County

Jerry Tischler, Executive Director
Unity Place of Monmouth County
Unity Place Partial Care

Contact: Matt Binder
Phone: 201-341-9794
Address: 241 Forsgate Dr., Suite 200, Jamesburg, NJ 08831

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