We share in the outrage over the killing of George Floyd. It is heartbreaking that, in 2020, our nation still has so far to go toward racial and social justice.

“The killing of George Floyd exposed deep fissures in our shared American experience. This Injustice demands our attention“, said Cherry Hill Mayor Susan Shin Angulo. “We must be unwavering in our commitment to social equity, protecting the underrepresented and vulnerable, and to respect peaceful demonstrations that advance real and sustained change.”

In Cherry Hill, we are a community that celebrates our differences and embraces tolerance, recognizing that our diversity is our strength. These critical moments remind us of why we must commit to continued community dialogue about inclusion, equality, compassion, and love.

“We cannot be silent when it comes to fighting hate and bigotry,” said Cherry Hill Council President David Fleisher. “Especially now— during the health and economic crisis— we must double our efforts.”

We echo the earlier sentim
ents of our Police Chief, William Monaghan, who encouraged our residents to continue partnering with law enforcement to effectuate positive change. The partnership between our residents and our police is built on a foundation of shared information, trust, respect, and accountability. Our community policing program continues to build meaningful bonds between local law enforcement and our neighborhoods, houses of worship, and businesses.

As we watch the events unfolding around the country, and even some very close to home, we ask that you join us in speaking-out out against racial and social justice, violence, inequality, and hate. And we ask you to instead embrace kindness, compassion, tolerance, and justice for all. To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Mayor Susan Shin Angulo
Council President David Fleisher
Council Vice President Brian Bauerle
Councilwoman Carole Roskoph
Councilwoman Carolyn Jacobs
Councilwoman Sangeeta Doshi
Councilwoman Michele Golkow
Councilwoman Jennifer Appell

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