Middlesex County GOP Sheriff Candidate Gallo Challenges Scott To Debate

Middlesex County GOP Sheriff Candidate Gallo Challenges Scott To Debate:

“As the Republican candidate for Sheriff of Middlesex County, NJ, I am taking this opportunity to publicly challenge my opponent Mrs. Mildred “Millie” Scott the Current Sheriff, to an open debate on the issues for both the People of Middlesex County and the constraints put on our Sheriffs Officers. A primary example of safety for all, falls under the current sanctuary status created by Sheriff Scott on orders from the Middlesex County Freeholders and the State Attorney General. The Citizens of Middlesex County deserve answers and we shall demand them! In addition to this, Mrs. Scott, Freeholders and the State Attorney General have chosen to release Criminal Illegal Aliens back into our Communities. My opponent was handpicked by the Middlesex County Democratic organization (The Machine) over 9 years ago. These questionable Sanctuary policies are dangerous for our families and need to be stopped. As the Republican Candidate in this election, and the only alternative to the political machine, I pledge to fight for Middlesex County, NJ Citizens and to stand up for their Safety and security and put the People first! Ms. Scott is responsible for denying our Citizens the safety and protections they deserve under the Constitution. It is time that Ms. Scott is forced to publicly provide valid answers to The community’s concerns. I call upon my opponent to publicly debate all the issues in this campaign in an open public forum. The Middlesex County People need to be a part of the solution not hidden in the back ground. The time has come for Change, in a united front let’s make Middlesex County Safe again! It’s time for all of the People of Middlesex County to Demand change. vote Gallo for Sheriff, A Sheriff with Real Solutions for your Families Safety and Security!”

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