Mikie Sherrill Calls on Assemblyman Webber to Stand up for Our State

Another Tax Hike on New Jersey Families

Mikie Sherrill Calls on Assemblyman Webber to Stand up for Our State


Fairfield, NJ — The 2017 congressional tax bill hurts New Jersey families worse than residents in any other state in the country. And now, House leadership is coming after New Jersey again with a proposal to raise their taxes by making the cap on the state and local tax deduction permanent. This is a serious departure from the initial bill’s expiration on the cap in 2025. Democratic candidate for Congress Mikie Sherrill reacted to the announcement with the following statement:


“For the second time in a year, Congress plans to raise taxes on our middle-class families in New Jersey. It is unacceptable that again and again, our residents are forced to pay more money to the federal government and shoulder an unequal burden compared to every other state in the nation. Our leaders must go back to the drawing board and work on real tax relief for our communities.


“It is time for Assemblyman Jay Webber to reverse course and join us in opposition to this plan. Blind support for a bill that the majority of New Jersey residents oppose is exactly the type of ideological partisanship that our residents will no longer put up with.”


The federal tax plan caps the state and local tax deduction at $10,000. The average tax deduction in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District is over $20,000. According to recent polling, the majority of New Jerseyans are opposed to the bill.


As a U.S. Navy veteran, former prosecutor, and mother of four, Mikie Sherrill is focused on bringing new leadership to Congress. She will work with Republicans and Democrats to restore the full state and local tax deduction for New Jersey taxpayers, work to fix the Affordable Care Act to bring down health care costs, and focus on creating good paying jobs in New Jersey.

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