WEST CALDWELL, NJ – Today, Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) released the following statement endorsing First Lady Tammy Murphy for U.S. Senate:


“I work every day in the U. S. House of Representatives to beat back attacks by the Republican majority on a woman’s access to reproductive healthcare. Washington Republicans in both the Senate and House are laser-focused on enacting a total ban on abortions with no exceptions, while working simultaneously to block access to affordable childcare.


“And with a Republican majority in the House launching attack after attack after attack on women and families, it’s my colleagues in the U.S. Senate that I rely on to protect our rights. But that slim Senate majority hangs in the balance in 2024, and there is no candidate for the Senate I trust more to focus on the issues most central to families and our future than Tammy Murphy. That is why I proudly endorse Tammy Murphy for the U.S. Senate, because I need an ally and New Jersey needs an advocate who is ready to fight for women and children.


“I have long advocated for more women in leadership at all levels of government, because — as I have seen firsthand — more women at the table means more policies in support of women and children. Period. As New Jersey’s First Lady, Tammy Murphy has proven this point: improving our state’s performance on maternal and infant health and advocating successfully to expand state support for affordable childcare. She has visited NJ-11 numerous times to hear directly from my constituents and advocates, and she and the women in the NJ State legislature are the ones who time and again bring attention to the deficits in our childcare and education systems, while advocating for strong protections on access to abortion and maternal health.


“I look forward to welcoming her as a candidate to my district so my constituents can hear about her candidacy and weigh in on our state’s future.”


Sherrill has been a fierce advocate for women’s representation in every level of government. Ahead of the Democrats’ successful state legislative elections, Sherrill hosted an “Elect More Women” event that raised $100,000 to help New Jersey Democratic women who were on the ballot and released an ad that highlighted the importance of access to abortion in the election. In Congress, Sherrill has been a champion for reproductive freedom — leading the legislative fight against Senator Tommy Tuberville’s dangerous crusade to limit access to abortion for servicewomen. She is also leading efforts in the House to extend federal funding for New Jersey child care centers, and introduced legislation to bring child care costs down for New Jersey families.

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