Morris County Freeholder Candidate Cary Amaro Featured by Moms Running

Morris County Freeholder Candidate Cary Amaro Featured by Moms Running

Amaro Says Motherhood Taught Her Social Responsibility, Leading by Example

RANDOLPH, NJ (Oct. 22, 2019) –Cary Amaro, a Democratic challenger for Morris County Freeholder, is featured today on, an organization that supports and trains mothers to run for elected office. MomsRunning publishes articles written by mothers who are running, or have run, for elected office, and selected Amaro’s article describing her experience as a Latina, single mother who wanted to set an example of social responsibility for her children.

“Social Responsibility, to me, is an obligation and commitment to take steps to protect and improve society’s welfare along with being fiscally responsible,” Amaro begins the article.

Amaro writes that taking on the role of both provider and nurturer for her children made her realize that she needed to set an “example of strength and perseverance.”

“I understood that I needed to lead by my own actions. I always made sure that I stood by my word, kept my promises, and gave everything my heart and soul,” Amaro says in the article. “As a single mom, I fought to get educated, advance my career, and still pull my family ahead,” she writes.

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Amaro said she will apply these same principles of social and fiscal responsibility, leading by example and honoring her word and promises, to the role Freeholder.

“Morris County residents should know who their elected officials have private business dealings with, if they are related to people doing businesses with the county and where those possible conflicts exist,” Amaro said. “As a Freeholder, one of my priorities will be to have that information publicly disclosed on our web site. We need to restore transparency and accountability to our government,” Amaro said.

About Cary Amaro  

Cary Amaro is a long-time resident of and homeowner in Randolph, where she raised her two children. She has a masters degree in accounting and has more than a decade of experience working as a comptroller. Cary was inspired early to pursue public service by her family’s service in the US military. Her grandfather is a World War II veteran and her mother served as a medical specialist during the 1960s.

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