Morris County GOP Chair Laura Ali Condemns Sarnoski-Aikens Team for “Despicable” Rhetoric Attacking Sussex County Commissioner Dawn Fantasia

Pointing to a Sussex County blog post from January, run by Steve Lonegan’s political consultant, that mused about Dawn Fantasia’s dating life, and a more recent Instagram post by Assembly candidate Jason Sarnoski, that employed lewd and sexual language to attack Fantasia, Morris County GOP Chairwoman Laura Ali today called on Sarnoski to apologize and condemned the attacks on Fantasia as sexist and misogynistic smears that have no place in the LD24 GOP Primary.

Ali shared a screenshot of the blog post, and of Sarnoski’s Instagram message – which was promptly liked by his running mate Josh Aikens and former running mate Steve Lonegan – where Sarnoski said Fantasia was “more than happy to bend over” right after warning that Fantasia would enable the “sticky fingers of big daddy government”.

“Frankly, Jason Sarnoski’s Instagram post is despicable and has no place in this campaign,” said Chairwoman Ali. “No man running for office would ever be subject to this kind of lewd, sexual innuendo, but for some reason Commissioner Sarnoski thinks it’s okay to apply them to Dawn Fantasia. I am sorry, this is no coincidence. This sexually-charged language is intentional and I won’t stand by and let Dawn be victimized in that way.”

Ali said Morris County Republican Committee members spoke loud and clear on this race at their recent convention, where Fantasia and her running mate, Chester Township Mayor Mike Inganamort, crushed Sarnoski and Aikens despite a steady stream of negative attacks.

“Mr. Sarnoski and Mr. Aikens are sadly mistaken if they think adopting the scorched earth political strategy of their former running mate, Steve Lonegan, is going to help them with voters,” concluded Chairwoman Ali.


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