Murphy Approval Rating Lagging- Needs to Step Up on Environment   

Murphy Approval Rating Lagging- Needs to Step Up on Environment   

According to a new Monmouth University Poll, voter approval ratings on Governor Murphy puts him behind his predecessors after their first year in office. The poll found that 43% approved of Murphy and 40% disapproved.

“The Governor’s approval is lagging behind previous Governors at this period. It’s not a surprise since many people including our members are disappointed on his lack of leadership on climate change, the environment, and many other issues. Governor Murphy’s approval and disapproval ratings are closely even and it may be because people have expected change and progress but they haven’t seen it yet. Murphy has talked about climate change and a greener future, but his administration has shown a lack of action on many of issues that matter to people who supported him, like us. Murphy hasn’t stepped forward to reverse Christie’s rollbacks or the environment issues- deal with threat to fossil fuel projects in NJ or moved forward aggressively to stop new fossil fuel projects in New Jersey,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club.

The Murphy Administration has not reversed Christie’s rules in the last 12 months. Christie’s attack on clean water included rollbacks to wetland protections, flood hazard protections, water quality planning and stream encroachment rules. New Jersey has more than a dozen proposed fossil fuel projects that have met strong opposition from environmental groups, legislators, and local officials, however Murphy has yet to take action.

“The Governor has plenty of time to build support, he needs to keep his word on the environment and other issues.  Coming out for a fracking ban is a start, but for Murphy to move forward, he needs to move forward on clean water, clean air, renewable energy, and environmental justice communities. More importantly, he needs to put a moratorium on new fossil fuel projects until New Jersey can regulate its CO2 and GHG emissions,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “Support for environmental issues is strong. Almost 80% in New Jersey people support strong action on climate change and 85% support action on clean water initiatives. By showing more leadership on this and many issues that Governor Murphy cares about, he will gain more support from the people of New Jersey and get the agenda done.”

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