N.J. Working Families decries ‘thuggish tactics to suppress speech’ at Norcross EDA hearing


New Jersey Working Families State Director Sue Altman issued the following statement after state troopers forcibly dragged her from today’s Senate hearing on state tax incentives in advance of political boss George Norcross’ testimony:

“Today, George Norcross and his political allies resorted to thuggery and violence to silence the voices of Camden residents and advocates seeking to make their voices heard on the ongoing incentives scandal.

“While Norcross allies were cheering, a group of advocates booed on response to public testimony from a Norcross ally. I was then specifically targeted for removal from the hearing room. State troopers grabbed me by the arm, and when I fell they dragged me from the committee room. They then issued me a citation for disorderly conduct.

“Violence against political opponents is the last refuge of despots who have lost the debate over ideas. What happened to me today unmasks the dirty underbelly of a machine that will subvert democracy in its ruthless goal to accumulate and maintain power.

“Norcross and his allies expected a perfectly choreographed appearance by Norcross today. Camden residents refused to be silent, and because of that we were targeted with an act of political violence and thuggery.”

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