NAPAC NJ Endorsed Candidates

Under the banner of the Nigerian Americans Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC – NJ), the Nigerian Americans of Roselle, Hillside, Elizabeth and Union, endorses Jason Krychiw for NJ State Senate, Aissa Heath for NJ General Assembly, and Ricky Castaneda for NJ General Assembly.


Jason Krychiw is a scientist, educator, progressive, and a long-time resident of Union. Aissa Heath began as a worker in many fields, including maintenance in a senior home and data analysis research. She grew up in Elizabeth, and she’s running to become a voice for the working class and create real change. If elected into the Assembly, Aissa Heath will be the first woman African American and Peruvian American to represent her district in NJ District 20. Ricky Castaneda has lived in Elizabeth since his 2nd grade, and he is nothing but an embodiment of honesty and integrity. Ricky has grown up as an activist, filling specific roles within his Rutgers community, and this gave him the power and ability to run for the General Assembly in hopes of raising the minimum wage, tuition-free college, and public healthcare.


Jason, Aissa, and Ricky are embodiments of we Nigerian Americans and our friends and neighbors in District 20. They are an embodiment of us not because they look like us or not look like us, or that they talk like us or not talk like us, but because they feel our many pains of what it is like to be an immigrant living in Roselle, Hillside, Elizabeth and Union. Jason, Aissa, and Ricky prove that you do not have to look or act like a person to be that person. And that Is why they are us!


We, the Nigerian Americans of NJ District 20, are looking forward to mobilizing our family members, friends, neighbors, and church/mosque members in supporting and casting our votes for Jason, Aissa, and Ricky in the upcoming June 8th Democratic Primary Election.


To earn endorsement of the Nigerian Americans Public Affairs Committee here in New Jersey, candidates must attend a meet the NAPAC NJ members and then the executive board members of NAPAC NJ will vote on a decision to endorse or not to endorse a candidate.

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