Neptune City Candidates Request a Recount in Tight Race


Neptune City Candidates Request a Recount in Tight Race


Neptune City, N.J. –  With a neck-and-neck election and differences in results being paper-thin, Neptune City council candidates have requested a recount of ballots be conducted from the municipality’s November 3rd General Election.


As this is the first statewide, majority Vote by Mail election held in New Jersey’s history and hundreds of thousands of ballots cast in Monmouth County alone, it is crucial elections are able to be certified without any questions or doubts. This is even more imperative in races such as this where a mere 9 and 16 votes define the outcome.


Having a subsequent verification of casted ballots would greatly aid in verifying end results as well as allow for the correction of any unintended mistakes which may have been made.


In the following joint statement released by the candidates, it is maintained that this recount request seeks only to ensure that the ultimate winners of the election can be comfortable in the fact that the determination is sound and without reproach:


“One of the most sacred privileges we have is our right to vote. We are extremely thankful for the support received throughout this entire election and could not be more honored to have been given the opportunity to serve the community we cherish. We hope that this process offers clarity in the final outcome so that we can move forward together and work towards a great future for Neptune City as well as all of our residents.” – Robert Burr, Michaela O’Brien, & Brian Sullivan

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