New Direction New Jersey Voluntarily Releases Donor List for the Second Year in a Row


New Direction New Jersey Voluntarily Releases Donor List for the Second Year in a Row

Issue-Based Advocacy Organization Again Exceeds Legal Requirement for Transparency

TRENTON, NJ — New Direction NJ, a 501(c)(4) non-profit advocacy organization, is once again voluntarily releasing a list of donors that have contributed to the group in 2020 and in the final months of 2019. The organization is making good on the promise it made to operate transparently when it released its donors last year and continuing to set a standard that similarly-situated advocacy organizations should be held to in the future.


Since its inception in 2018, New Direction New Jersey has advocated for policy initiatives that help build the middle class, support working families, and make New Jersey stronger and fairer. The organization was a leading voice in fighting for a $15/hour minimum wage and for expanded paid family leave, and more recently has been one of the driving forces behind rallying support for one of Governor Murphy’s signature policy achievements — asking the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes through a millionaires tax. NDNJ has also worked to spread vital information about the State’s response to COVID-19 and its recovery plans, delivering tens of millions of digital ad impressions on messaging related to mask wearing, social distancing, and other public health directives.


The full New Direction New Jersey donor list with cumulative donation amounts for the year is attached.

NDNJ Contribution Tracker Final

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