New Jersey Cannabis Business Applicants: Pre-Register Today for the CHT Accelerator Program

New Jersey Cannabis Business Applicants:
Pre-Register Today for the CHT Accelerator Program
Advancing Social Equity by Lowering the Barrier of Entry

NEW JERSEY – July 21, 2021 – Pre-registration for Cognitive Harmony Technologies’ (CHT) accelerator program is now open for New Jersey applicants. The purpose of this program is to assist cannabis business applicants with their application process in order to become licensed cannabis operators.

The CHT accelerator program aims to lower the barrier for cannabis business license applicants. Many of those hoping to pursue a license lack expertise or financial resources to achieve their goals in the burgeoning cannabis industry. CHT aims to level the playing field by giving applicants the tools necessary to navigate the complex and highly regulated world of cannabis. The CHT accelerator program is affordable and provides courses, learning materials, tutorials, presentations, templates, coaching, and study guides in both English and Spanish for every aspect of the application.

David Serrano, managing partner for Cognitive Harmony Technologies, explains, “CHT Accelerator was designed by successful license applicants to level the cannabis business playing field for social equity applicants as they apply for licenses and operate their businesses.” 

Those who register early will receive a special $2,000 discount on the accelerator program and other products. Once general registration opens on August 1, the cost will be $16,000 per application. With CHT’s accelerator program, it is estimated applicants will pay just a fraction of the cost typically required to apply for cannabis licensure; without the program, associated costs have the potential to range anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. For a $500 non-refundable deposit fee, pre-registration applicants will have their spot secured for 10 days, during which time they will need to pay the remaining $13,500 for the accelerator program. Interested applicants can pre-register by visiting

Cognitive Harmony Technologies also hosts free, weekly, 90-minute briefings on the legalization of cannabis in New Jersey, Illinois, and other states across the country. Interested applicants are encouraged to learn about the legalization framework and opportunities in the new burgeoning cannabis industry. During the briefings, attendees have an opportunity to hear from experts as government entities develop organizational policies and procedures in real-time. The goal is to provide applicants with helpful strategies to help cannabis startups navigate through the highly regulated and emerging recreational cannabis industry. Each briefing includes an open question and answer session. Interested applicants can register by visiting

For more information about CHT, their accelerator program, or their weekly briefings, visit or email

About Cognitive Harmony Technologies

Cognitive Harmony Technologies began in Chicago, Illinois in 2019. At that time, CHT developed a set of tools designed to help social equity applicants compete against big cannabis businesses during the first round of dispensary, craft grow and infuser licensing applications. CHT products and services include critical components to lower the barrier of entry to a mere 10% of the boutique consulting service offerings, while also providing a framework for evaluating an applicant’s chance of success. For more information about CHT, visit

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