New Jersey Ranks No. 11 for Most Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes; LGBT is Now Most Targeted Group

new study shows hate crimes against the LGBT community have increased by more than one-third since 1996 and New Jersey ranks No. 11 for the most attacks of any state.

In New Jersey, there were 0.57 anti-LGBT incidents per 100,000 people and 10.3% of all bias-motivated incidents in the state targeted the LGBT community. released a study today on The Rise of Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes by State using the most recent data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 2013 through 2019.

Nearly 12% of all hate crimes target the LGBT community, making them the most targeted group.  Followed by Jewish people (7.7%), Muslims (6.7%), Native Americans (4.4%), Black people (4%), Hispanics (.8%) and White people (.3%).

Within the LGBT community, gay men are victims more than 50% of the time (55.8%), followed by lesbians (10.4%), transgender (8.7%), bisexuals (1.9%) and gender non-conforming (1.1%).

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