New Jersey Right to Life on Governor Murphy’s Signing of Bills to Make NJ an Abortion Sanctuary State

With all the economic problems facing our state and our citizens, Governor Murphy and the Democratic legislature are instead shamefully laser-focused on ending the life of more babies and causing more misery and harm to women facing crisis pregnancies.

The irresponsible and bloated budget just signed by Governor Murphy places an even heavier burden on NJ taxpayers who can’t afford to buy groceries or put gas in their cars by allocating $45 Million to Planned Parenthood’s abortion business and another $10 Million to upgrade their facilities. Another $5 million was allocated to pay for security at abortion clinics.

Once again, Governor Murphy cut backroom deals with Senate President Scutari and Assembly Speaker Coughlin to push through these two abortions bills (A3974 and A3975) through the legislature to deliberately avoid providing sufficient public notice.

It is beyond disgraceful that Governor Murphy is usurping the laws of other states and promoting the increased slaughter of innocent children in the womb to further his presidential ambitions.

The voters of NJ should remember the untrustworthy actions of this Legislature and this Governor and their perverse priorities when they cast their votes in the next election time.

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