New Jersey Senator Diane Allen endorses Ileana Schirmer for Senate

New Jersey Senator Diane Allen endorses Ileana Schirmer for Senate
Contact: Harrison Neely,

Hamilton, NJ – Hamilton Councilwoman and New Jersey Senate candidate Ileana Schirmer received the endorsement of State Senator Diane Allen. Senator Allen has served in the New Jersey State Legislature for twenty-one years and is the former chair of the National Foundation for Women Legislators.

“I am proud to endorse Ileana Schirmer in her run for New Jersey Senate,” said Senator Allen. “Ileana is a hardworking businesswoman and independent councilwoman. As a proud crusader for women’s rights, I put practical policy over partisan politics to do what is best for my constituents and the women of New Jersey.  I am confident Ileana will do the same. We need more strong Republican women in the Senate. With my retirement next year, I not only support but look forward to passing the torch to Councilwoman Schirmer. Thus, I firmly support her candidacy for State Senate.”

Prior to Senator Allen’s tenure in the state legislature, Allen was a pioneer in broadcast media as a journalist and television anchor on prominent Philadelphia news channels. As an anchorwoman, Diane Allen combated wage discrimination and has been a strong proponent of pay equity during her time in Trenton. She currently represents neighboring Bordentown in the New Jersey Senate.

“I am honored receive the endorsement of Diane Allen,” said Schirmer. “Senator Allen played a key role in the push for women’s equality in the private and public spheres. As a businesswoman who has employed numerous women in the education and pharmaceutical field, I have worked hard to overcome the social obstacles women face. Senator Allen’s intelligence, compassion, and street smarts made her a champion for the people of Burlington County. She is never afraid to take on party bosses when they stand against her district’s interests. Central Jersey deserves a senator with the same vigor and intellect; one who will tirelessly advocate for their constituents. While no one will be able to fill Senator Allen’s shoes, I look forward to bringing the fight to Trenton.”

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