New Jersey State AFL-CIO Records Gargantuan Volunteer Turnout as Labor Walks Continue to Boost Union Voter Turnout Throughout State

New Jersey State AFL-CIO Records Gargantuan Volunteer Turnout as Labor Walks Continue to Boost Union Voter Turnout Throughout State
The New Jersey State AFL-CIO continued its weekly door-to-door union voter education effort as hundreds of union volunteers gathered in locations around the state before hitting the streets in support of the labor federation’s endorsed candidates.

The energy at each location was electric as volunteers caught up with old friends and made new connections before being trained in the latest political technology and pounding the pavement to mobilize their union sisters and brothers and their families to participate in this year’s election.

The Labor movement is rising up all over the country and in New Jerseyyou can be a part of this historic moment by joining a labor walk. See the schedule here!

We greatly appreciate the efforts of our Central Labor Council Presidents, who continue to be critical to the success of the labor walk program. Since the opportunity to vote by mail was recently expanded in New Jersey, our labor walks are currently targeted to our members who have already received or requested their ballots and will be able to exercise their right to vote now.

New Jersey is host to several competitive US House of Representative districts where the votes of union members could be a decisive factor in determining who controls congress next year. To find our list of endorsed congressional candidates and learn more about their values, click here.

We have endorsed 49 union members to run for county, municipal, and school board offices throughout the state. For a full list of our labor candidates and their values, visit here.

Additionally, we are supporting a School Bond Referendum in Cherry Hill. The election for the School Bond will take place on Thursday, October 6. Cherry Hill voters will have an opportunity to invest in our schools, improve education and create union jobs by voting ‘yes’ on the referendum. Visit to learn more.

For information about voting, including voter registration, click here. The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, October 18. Vote-by-mail ballots are currently being mailed, giving you the opportunity to have your say in your future. If you would like to receive a vote by mail ballot, the deadline to request one in the mail is Tuesday, November 1. For more information, visit

Atlantic County CLC
Bergen County CLC
Congressman Josh Gottheimer fires up the Bergen CLC labor walk
Mercer County CLC
Labor Candidate for Trenton City Council Southward Jenna Figueroa Kettenberg, Mercer County CLC President Mike Maloney, Labor Candidate for Trenton City Council Westward Atalaya Armstrong, Hamilton Councilman “Chuddy” Whalen, Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, and New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech
Southern NJ CLC
Southern NJ CLC with Congressman Donald Norcross and New Jersey State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Laurel Brennan
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