New Jersey State PBA Statement Marijuana “Clean Up” Bill Senate Bill 3454

New Jersey State PBA Statement

Marijuana “Clean Up” Bill

Senate Bill 3454

Today the police have been handcuffed!

In November, the citizens of New Jersey ended the debate about Marijuana legalization by passing the referendum.  We do not oppose the legalization of marijuana as an organization.  Police will do their jobs as the law directs us.  But a law that establishes an enforcement power cannot also make it illegal for law enforcement to use that power.

The law as it stands criminalizes any response or investigation by a police officer for illegal use by juveniles by detaining someone ‘for a longer period beyond the extent required’ to issue a ‘warning or write-up’.  This statute adds so much guess work and uncertainty that we would advise our members throughout the state to take no law enforcement action regarding marijuana or alcohol use by any party in the state.

This language is anti-police rhetoric at its worst and its consequences will be real.  Underage users of marijuana will be free to smoke it anywhere, including in places the bill says is illegal, because merely stopping a person to enforce the law is now illegal for police.  Drug dealers will quickly learn to hide their drugs, guns and evidence of crimes on anyone under 18 years of age since merely lighting a joint as the officer approaches will put the officer in jeopardy of making an illegal search and being charged criminally.

The bill permanently ties an officer’s hands.  An officer who sees or smells marijuana or alcohol cannot even inquire about the age of the user to ensure they can legally possess it, or the officer faces the charge of deprivation of civil rights, a 3rd degree offense subject to 3-5 years in prison, a fine of $15,000 or BOTH!

The solution exists to resolve this, either make it completely legal or provide an officer the right to ask for ID if marijuana is present and the rest of the law governing the issuance of warnings takes over.  Otherwise, this is a bill intentionally designed to make law enforcement officers criminals overnight in New Jersey.

To the good citizens of the State of New Jersey: If you as a citizen would like to report the underage use of marijuana or alcohol, please do not call 9-1-1. Call the Governor’s office or your local state legislator. We have literally been handcuffed.

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