Grade-Level Proficiency Rises By Double Digits
From Program Start to End
[July 11, 2023 – New Jersey] – New Jersey Tutoring Corps, Inc. (NJTC), a statewide non-profit created to address educational recovery needs due to the pandemic, released its school year 2022-23 report today, entitled “New Jersey Tutoring Corps, Inc. School Year 2022-23 Efficacy Report.” The report summarizes the findings of an independent evaluation, which found that of the approximately 500 scholars served during the 2022-23 school year pilot, the percent performing at grade level in math improved from 16% to 40%, and in literacy from 23% to 40%, across all grade levels. This is significant as results from the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments, released in December 2022, revealed that 64.6% and 51.1% of NJ students are not meeting grade-level expectations in Math and ELA, respectively.
The full NJTC school year 2022-23 report can be found HERE.
Just last week, it was announced that NJTC will receive $1.5 million from the FY2024 New Jersey state budget. As part of the program, NJTC staff members provide responsive, personalized, and hands-on instruction aligned to New Jersey state standards. School partners co-designed each implementation. Tutors are often embedded throughout classrooms during the school day and receive support from instructional coaches and site coordinators. Tutors may also serve scholars in 45 to 60-minute sessions after school three times per week. The following are the specific school districts NJTC worked with during its school year 2022-23 pilot:
Clinton Township School District (Hunterdon County)
Hamilton Area YMCA in 13 Hamilton Township Elementary Schools (Mercer County)
KIPP NJ Schools Seek and Life (Essex County)
Roseville Community Charter School (Essex County)
Stillwater Township School District (Sussex County)
Waterford Township School District (Camden County)
“What we see in these tremendous results is a state working together in partnership to address a truly daunting challenge,” stated Katherine Bassett, the CEO of the NJTC. “Right now, NJTC has field staff across the state—site coordinators, instructional coaches, and tutors—who stand committed to ensuring every child receives the strongest public education possible. While these initial results are important and show needed growth, we remain in an all-hands-on-deck moment, and our passionate team members, along with our local and statewide funders, deserve a great deal of credit and thanks. We look forward to continuing to scale our program statewide and move with urgency until we are fully back on track.”
“As a smaller rural district, the added capacity of the New Jersey Tutoring Corps allows for students to receive data-driven instruction in addition to their daily lessons from our highly effective staff,” stated Dr. William Kochis, Stillwater Township Superintendent. “We were able to utilize federal title funds to financially support this initiative and ensure a sustainable partnership for the Stillwater community.”
“NJTC tutors, site coordinators, and instructional coaches have become a part of our school community,” stated Dr. Dionne Ledford, Superintendent/Executive Director of Roseville Community Charter School. “We needed to find an innovative solution to support our youngest learners. The NJTC team has worked collaboratively with staff and leadership and is deeply committed to closing learning gaps for our grades 2-4 students.”
In June, NJTC launched its third summer cycle with 23 locations, including two school districts, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Y Alliance sites. This summer, NJTC will support 2,000+ scholars to be prepared for the upcoming school year by continuing to prevent summer slide through high-impact tutoring.
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About New Jersey Tutoring Corps:
The New Jersey Tutoring Corps Inc is a non-profit organization that provides high dosage tutoring in Math and Literacy for pk-8 scholars across New Jersey. They are a dedicated team of educators devoted to growing young minds and strengthening teaching and learning for New Jersey’s under-resourced scholars. NJTC utilizes one of three evidenced based models: embedded during the school day, scheduled after-school, and integrated into summer programming.
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