New Jersey Young Democratic Black Caucus Responds to Parker Space


Date (August 28, 2017)


It is sad to see Asm. Space (R-Sussex) put the responsibility of representing all New Jerseyans aside when he chose to stand in front of, and glorify, the Confederate flag.  Just a few weeks ago, a woman lost her life fighting against white supremacy in Charlottesville, VA. The Assemblyman’s actions and attitude were not only uncalled for, they were blatantly callous and dismissive.

During this time of national strife, all elected officials should be taking great pains to unite us all. Unfortunately, Asm. Space has indicated that such an important public task may be too much to ask of him, and as such he has sullied the sanctity of his office. We greatly hope that he reconsiders and apologizes for the error of his actions, and instead chooses to defend and respect the history of the United States, an act which requires not highlighting or glorifying those who sought to destroy our nation and subjugate our fellow citizens.

Despite the misguided objections of some, what the Confederate flag represents is not open to opinion or interpretation. The Confederacy was committed to violence and terrorism against the United States of America and the enslavement of our citizens, and these values were enshrined in the Articles of Secession submitted by Confederate states.

We urge all friends and allies of the NJYD Black Caucus to call Asm. Space’s legislative offices at (973) 300-0200 (Sparta) or (908) 441-6343 (Allamuchy) to seek an apology and express their disappointment with his lapse in judgment, and we sincerely hope that he will understand the pain and division his actions have caused so that he may remedy his mistake.

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