NEW JOBS PAC Endorses Candidates for State Legislature

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

NEW JOBS, the Business PAC of New Jersey, Endorses Candidates for State Legislature

New Jersey Organization for a Better State (NEW JOBS) PAC, which is the voice of business, proudly announced its endorsements for the 2019 State Legislative races today.

NEW JOBS is the State’s largest and most influential ideological business political action committee. Other interest groups put their backing behind candidates who understand their specific issues. We do the same in supporting candidates for New Jersey Legislature that protect and defend business.
The New Jersey Organization for a Better State (NEW JOBS) is a nonpartisan organization whose trustees promote a pro-business climate in New Jersey by endorsing and supporting legislative candidates who actively support economic growth, the creation of private-sector jobs, and the lowering of business costs.

“We thank the endorsed candidates and endorsed incumbent legislators for their commitment to the economic viability and competitiveness of our State,” Executive Director Chrissy Buteas said.

The endorsements made by NEW JOBS are NOT an endorsement from the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA) or any other individual company, industry group or trade association. While many organizations like the NJBIA are affiliated with the NEW JOBS PAC, and represented on its Board of Trustees, the PAC is a separate entity.

To find out more about NEW JOBS, please go to

The candidates endorsed by NEW JOBS include the following:

Bob Andrzejczak -D (District 1 – Senate)
Bruce Land-D (District 1 – Assembly)
Matthew Milam-D (District 1 – Assembly)
Vince Mazzeo-D (District 2 – Assembly)
John Armato-D (District 2 – Assembly)
John Burzichelli-D (District 3 – Assembly)
Adam Taliaferro-D (District 3 –Assembly)
Paul Moriarty-D (District 4 – Assembly)
Gabriela Mosquera-D (District 4 – Assembly)
William Spearman-D (District 5 – Assembly)
William Moen-D (District 5 – Assembly)
Louis Greenwald-D (District 6 – Assembly)
Pamela Lampitt-D (District 6-Assembly)
Carol Murphy-D (District 7– Assembly)
Ryan Peters-R (District 8 – Assembly)
Jean Stanfield-R (District 8 – Assembly)
Brian Rumpf-R (District 9 – Assembly)
DiAnne Gove-R (District 9 – Assembly)
Gregory McGuckin-R (District 10 – Assembly)
Ronald Dancer-R (District 12 – Assembly)
Rob Clifton- R (District 12 – Assembly)
Serena DiMaso-R (District 13 – Assembly)
Gerald Scharfenberger-R (District 13 – Assembly)
Daniel Benson–D (District 14 – Assembly)
Andrew Zwicker-D (District 16 – Assembly)
Roy Freiman-D (District 16 – Assembly)
Joe Danielsen-D (District 17 – Assembly)
Robert Karabinchak- D (District 18 – Assembly)
Craig Coughlin-D (District 19 – Assembly)
Yvonne Lopez-D (District 19 – Assembly)
Jamel Holley-D (District 20 – Assembly)
Jon Bramnick-R (District 21 – Assembly)
Nancy Muñoz-R (District 21 – Assembly)
Erik Peterson-R (District 23 – Assembly)
John DiMaio-R (District 23 – Assembly)
Harold Wirths-R (District 24 – Assembly)
Anthony M. Bucco-R (District 25 – Assembly)
Brian Bergen-R (District 25 – Assembly)
BettyLou DeCroce-R (District 26 – Assembly)
Jay Webber-R (District 26 – Assembly)
John McKeon-D (District 27 – Assembly)
Mila Jasey-D (District 27 – Assembly)
Eliana Pintor Marin-D (District 29 – Assembly)
Sean Kean-R (District 30 – Assembly)
Edward Thomson-R (District 30 – Assembly)
Nicholas Chiaravalloti-D (District 31 – Assembly)
Raj Mukherji-D (District 33 – Assembly)
Annette Chaparro-D (District 33 – Assembly)
Shavonda Sumter-D (District 35 – Assembly)
Benjie Wimberly-D (District 35 – Assembly)
Gary Schaer-D (District 36 – Assembly)
Clinton Calabrese-D (District 36 – Assembly)
Gordon Johnson-D (District 37 – Assembly)
Lisa Swain-D (District 38 – Assembly)
Christopher Tully-D (District 38 – Assembly)
Holly Schepisi-R (District 39 – Assembly)
Robert Auth-R (District 39 – Assembly)
Kevin Rooney-R (District 40 – Assembly)
Christopher DePhillips-R (District 40 – Assembly)

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