NJ AFL-CIO: Starbucks and Workers United Agree on a “Path Forward” for Union Contracts

Starbucks and Workers United Agree on a “Path Forward”
for Union Contracts

Yesterday, a historic milestone was achieved in organizing – Starbucks has agreed to a “path forward” to reaching collective bargaining agreements with Workers United.  This is a significant win for organized labor as Starbucks has aggressively been fighting unionization drives for over two and a half years.

We recognize the leadership of Lynne Fox, the International President for Workers United for her hard work that led to success here in New Jersey and throughout the country.

391 Starbucks stores in 43 states have won union elections, an incredible 80% success rate. 

We also would like to thank the Central Labor Councils and affiliated unions that have supported these workers along the way.  Whether it was recruiting members to attend events, making donations or assisting in organizing, we are grateful for your hard work.

This is a result of solidarity within the labor movement! These workers were incredibly committed and stood strong in the face of significant pressure from management.

We also recognize the support of several elected officials that joined us at demonstrations, including Governor Murphy and Labor Commissioner Asaro-Angelo.  They attended press conferences and supported these workers at their time of need and we are grateful.

For more information on what has been achieved and to see a list of stores that have been organized, please visit:


AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler called it “a significant victory for these heroic baristas and an inspiration to workers everywhere,” and we couldn’t agree more!

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