NJ Department of Labor Awards More Than $6.3 Million in Grants to Support Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

NJ Department of Labor Awards More Than $6.3 Million in Grants to Support Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs


TRENTON – The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) has awarded more than $6.3 million in grant funding through Round 2 of the Growing Apprenticeship in Nontraditional Sectors (GAINS) and Pre-Apprenticeship in Career Education (PACE) grant programs to foster the creation and expansion of apprenticeships throughout the state.


New Jersey has invested more than $71 million through grant programs to create and develop work-based learning, pre-apprenticeship, and apprenticeship programs across the state. Since Governor Murphy took office in January 2018, 768 new Registered Apprenticeship programs have been created in New Jersey – a more than 100 percent increase resulting in the onboarding of more than 18,600 new apprentices. The state currently has 8,695 active apprentices serving in 1,379 programs.


“Investing in apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs directly supports the current and long-term viability of our state’s skilled workforce,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “It is a privilege to empower New Jerseyans to obtain in-demand and critical career-readiness skills, setting them firmly on the path to gainful employment.”


“The fact is, apprenticeship is a proven model for developing a skilled workforce,” said Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo. “As demand for qualified workers continues to increase throughout New Jersey, these programs will help more individuals master occupational skills and enter rewarding careers.”


“The New Jersey Department of Labor’s allocation of over $6.3 million in grants to support apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs is a significant investment in the future of our workforce and our state’s economic growth,” said Acting Commissioner of Education Kevin Dehmer. “It’s this kind of innovative workforce development investment that will not only help address the Garden State’s need for highly skilled teachers, but also fosters a strong partnership between education and labor.”




A total of $4.3 million is being awarded to 12 grantees through the GAINS program, with the expectation of placing 380 new apprentices in occupations such as home health aide, industrial manufacturing technician, community health worker, certified massage therapist, and more.


GAINS expands on United States Department of Labor (USDOL) approved Registered Apprenticeship programs to support better-paying careers and advanced credential attainment, developing new and existing programs in high-growth industries, with a focus on equality of opportunity, upward mobility, and economic fairness.


“We are thankful to receive the GAINS grant, which will play a crucial role in strengthening and diversifying the teacher pipeline in New Jersey. The funding will support the establishment of Registered Teacher Apprenticeship Programs in districts across the state, increasing the pool of qualified teacher candidates and ensuring that our teaching workforce reflects the rich diversity of our students. This grant marks a significant step towards creating a strong, diverse, and locally-rooted teacher pipeline,” said Kwame Floyd, Founder & Executive Director, Teacher Apprenticeship Network.


The GAINS program has provided unprecedented opportunities for women and people of color, with more than two-thirds of participants being women or minorities – twice the average among all apprenticeship programs in the state. Women account for 67 percent of GAINS apprentices, greater than seven times the statewide average of female apprentices when Governor Murphy took office in January 2018. The GAINS program has doubled the number of women in Registered Apprenticeships throughout the state.



FY24 GAINS – Round 2
Organization Occupations # Apprentices
to be Placed
ACCJ Red Ban Spa LLC Certified Massage Therapist 18 $215,370
Allies in Caring Behavioral Health Aide; Community Health Worker 12 $144,000
Atlanticare Health Services, Inc Patient Care Technician; Registered Nurse Resident 150 $1,800,000
Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid Atlantic Region Painter (Const) 10 $119,993
Hudson County Community College Industrial Manufacturing Technician 6 $71,694
Learned Potential LLC Education and Training 10 $120,000
Roofers Local #10 Apprentice Program Roofers 15 $92,532
Rowan College at Burlington County Nurse Assistant Certified 50 $598,516
SKA Enterprises LLC dba Home Instead Home Health Aide 10 $113,200
Teacher Apprenticeship Network Instructional Aide I; K-12 Teacher 40 $418,500
Twin Caps Consulting Medication Aide 12 $112,222
William Paterson University Education and Training 47 $564,000




The NJDOL granted $2 million through the PACE program to seven awardees to place 268 partnerships in occupations including boilermaker, clinical medical assistant, fiber optics, and others.


PACE programs prepare participants for a Registered Apprenticeship, a post-secondary college, an occupation-specific career training program, or the workforce. PACE pre-apprenticeship programs must partner with at least one Registered Apprenticeship sponsor, together expanding career pathways with industry-based training and classroom instruction, leading to better-paying positions and advanced credentials.


“Boilermakers Local 2040 and the Northeast Area Boilermakers Apprenticeship Program – are excited to begin our pre-apprenticeship training program through the State of New Jersey PACE Grant.  Boilermakering is a dangerous job that requires a lot of training – both safety and hands-on,” said David Addison, Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer, Boilermakers Local 28. “This program will allow us to thoroughly safety train pre-apprentices before they enter our apprenticeship program and will give pre-apprentices the basic skills they will need to start their Boilermaker apprenticeships and careers off on the right track.”


PACE primarily serves to alleviate economic barriers to upskilling, providing job readiness, essential skills, and occupation-specific training, with funding that can be used to offset participants’ related costs, such as childcare and transportation.



FY24 PACE – Round 2
Organization Occupations # Pre- Apprentices
to be Trained
Rowan College at Burlington County Healthcare 104 $171,894
Boilermakers Local 28 Boilermaker 27 $262,358
American Training Center Clinical Medical Assistant 30 $338,654
Hunterdon County Vocational School District Construction; Automotive; Advanced Manufacturing 20 $239,590
Aspire Youth Development Construction and Utilities 20 $239,437
Egg Harbor Twp School District Healthcare; Manufacturing; Transportation, Distribution & Logistics; Energy, Utilities & Infrastructure; Renewable Energy 50 $551,926
Irvington Township School District Fiber Optics 17 $196,141



Find more information on NJDOL grant opportunities here.


Find more information on the New Jersey Office of Apprenticeship here.



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