NJ LGBTQ+ Leaders In Support of Murphy Campaign

Governor Philip Murphy

A prominent list of LGBTQ+ leaders from across New Jersey have announced their support of Governor Murphy’s re-election campaign, organized by Lauren Albrecht and Joe Forte.

As members of the LGBTQ community from across the state, from all regions, and from different walks of life; we wholeheartedly endorse and support Governor Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Shelia Oliver for re-election. From making diversity in their administration a top priority to signing key bills into law, Governor Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Shelia Oliver have shown that they have the backs of the LGBTQ+ community in New Jersey. Highlights include bills such as S478 ScaAca (2R) “Babs Siperstein Law”, LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum, and the Ban on “Gay and Trans Panic” Legal Defense. In addition, they have established an open-door policy to the LGBTQ+ community such as hosting Pride, roundtable events, and LGBTQ appointments in key positions.

Governor Murphy and Lt. Governor Oliver are friends of the LGBTQ+ Community and we are excited to support them for their re-election. We know that Governor Murphy and Lt. Governor Oliver will continue to fight for full equality for all our residents. We ask you to stand with us in supporting them as they continue to fight to make this great State stronger and fairer for all.

Sincerely yours,

Alana Burman
Barbara Reeder
Beth Clement
Betsy Driver
Bill Singer
Bob Zuckerman
Cara Parmigiani
Carol Lagerman
Charles Eader
Chris Hillmann
Christine Clarke
Dan Fatton
Dan Rosson
Danni Newbury
Dave Parano
David Bowd
David Grant
David Mixner
Dean Dafis
Debra Guston
Don Rodgers
Dr. Lourdes Ashley Hunter
Edward J. Zipprich
Eileen Della Volle
Eli R. Edelman
Elizabeth Schedl
Elvin Montero
Emmy Montgomery
Franklin Cumberbatch Jr
Harriet Bernstein
J. Michael Blake
Jackie Cornell
Jane Clementi
Jason Bergman
Jason Cassese
Jay Lassiter
Jennifer Long
Jennifer Sciortino
Jodi Argentino Fiore
Joe Forte
Jonathan Hress
Joseph Schank
JP Nicolaides
Julia Hankerson
Justin Gibbs
Katie Wertheimer
Lauren Albrecht
Leslie Farber
Lori Burns, Ed.D.
Luisa Paster
Margaret Crofford Constable
Maria Rondinaro
Marsha Shapiro
Martin Page
Matt McHale
Matthew Normann
Maura Freeland
Melanie Jones
Michael Penna
Mico Lucide
Moira Nelson
Nancy D’Andrea
Nick DiDomizio
Pamela Renee
Patricia Hansen
Patrick Curreri
Peter Yacobellis
Reginald Bledsoe
Richard Green III
Roger Quesada
Ryan Berger
Sean Leonard
Shannon Cuttle
Steve Clayton
Steven Goldstein
Susan Johnson
Taquan Williams
T.C. McCourt
Terry West
Thomas Prol
Tim Eustace
Victoria Pacheco
Virginia Johnson
Wartyna Davis
William Courson
Willy Kare

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