NJ Mobilizes for Saturday DC Embassy Protection / Thursday Newark Rally

NJ Mobilizes for Saturday DC Embassy Protection / Thursday Newark Rally
This will be the third week in a row a group of NJ residents headed to DC to do “Embassy Protection Duty” at the Venezuela Embassy in Washington DC.
The embassy has been surrounded by dozens of armed police from probably a half a dozen federal, state and local police forces .
Additionally, surrounding the building, are a CIA trained group of Venezuelans and possibly others, supporters of Juan Guaido – who self proclaims to be interim president – in a US attempt to foment a coup de tat against the nation and people of Venezuela. The obviously well funded and highly organized group has surrounded the embassy and attacked anyone that tried to bring in food to the invited guests – which now number 4 still residing in the embassy. The electricity has been shut off as has been the water.
Invited guests of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela have been staying in the embassy providing protection from its illegal seizuer of the embassy building, which is the property of the elected Venezuelan Government, by the United States through a combination of police and mob action..
As of now, there is one vehicle going down from Newark, NJ leaving Saturday 5/18 8 am – returning Saturday to NJ around 9pm. For details, text 908-881-5275/
Another vehicle leaves New Brunswick 5/18 8 am (Sears back parking lot) for 9pm Saturday return. For details text 908-881-5275.
Another vehicle leaves Collingswood 9am and returns 7pm. For details text 908-881-5275.
We are arranging more connections so contact 908-881-5275 if you might have interest – texting details if possible though voice is also ok. If you are willing to drive and can take passengers also text to same number.
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