NJ Outdoor Alliance: Science Prevails In Court Decision Against Anti-Hunting Extremists

Science Prevails In Court Decision Against Anti-Hunting Extremists

Trenton – Anti-hunting extremist groups filing suit against NJ over Bear Hunt met with science

According to an Associated Press report, a plan by anti-hunting extremist groups to sue to stop the implementation of 2015 rules that added a second annual hunt, increased the number of hunting permits and allowed bow hunting in the state’s controversial annual Black Bear hunt has been rejected by state appeals court.

The ruling rejected claims by the groups that the state inflated the number of complaints about bears and didn’t give enough consideration to non-lethal means of controlling the population such as fertility control and relocation.

“We’re proud to hear that science prevailed today in New Jersey,” said Cody McLaughlin, spokesman for the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance the state’s largest pro-sportsman advocacy organization. “When sportsmen stand together with scientists and the world’s best ursine biologists to produce a comprehensive black bear management plan like we have here in New Jersey not only do sportsmen win, but so do our forests, science and public safety, along with property owners, farmers and other stakeholders.”

About the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: New Jersey Outdoor Alliance’s mission is “preservation through conservation.” NJOA serves as a grassroots coalition of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and environmental stewardship that champions the intrinsic value of fishing, hunting and trapping, among opinion leaders, policy makers, and the public at-large. To join NJOA, make a financial contribution toward NJOA’s efforts or learn more about the organization, please visit: https://njoutdooralliance.org/. For media inquiries, contact Cody McLaughlin at info@njoutdooralliance.org


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