NJ Resident Creates Social Media Platform for the Chronically ill

Samantha Burkhardt, a Clark, NJ resident and Cushing’s Disease activist has created a new social media platform for those living with chronic illness.

In 2014, her life took an unexpected turn when she developed a mystery debilitating condition. Frustrated by the lack of answers from local doctors, she turned to social media, connecting with others who understood her struggles and shared their own. These connections led Samantha to her diagnosis of Cushing’s.

Chronically Social is not just another social media platform ; it’s a movement. It has been formulated on the belief that no one should ever feel alone in their health journey. It was created to connect patients, caregivers, and doctors in a supportive community. Your voice, story, and journey matter here.

To learn more, visit chronicallysocial.com and join their wait list to the launch of this game-changing app. You can learn more about Samantha’s health journey by following her TikTok handle @fromcushingstocured.

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