NJCA announces endorsements for the 2023 state legislature elections

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Newark, NJ – September 26 – Statewide advocacy organization New Jersey Citizen Action’s (NJCA) Political Action Committee (PAC) today announced its endorsements for the 2023 state legislature elections. These candidates were selected through a rigorous endorsement process, which included an examination of their voting records, their involvement in key legislation, and their responses to NJCA’s candidate questionnaire.

The endorsed candidates have demonstrated their dedication to the people of New Jersey by leading legislative initiatives and collaborating with NJCA to challenge Big Pharma, making prescription drugs more affordable for everyone and advancing the Social Impact Investment Fund. They have also consistently supported or led policies that prioritize low- and moderate-income individuals, communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized groups.

“The candidates we are endorsing today have demonstrated a strong commitment to improving our state and truly making a difference for our state’s most vulnerable people and communities. We call on all New Jerseyans to head to the polls this November and support these candidates. This is the best way to ensure we will have the leadership we need in the next couple years to advance urgent social, racial and economic justice reforms,” said NJCA Executive Director Dena Mottola Jaborska.

“Working people in NJ and across the US are organizing demanding public policies that invest in their communities and their children’s future. We seek to work with NJ leaders to advance policies that ensure New Jersey is inclusive of all the diversity in our state,” said Dr. Patricia Campos Medina, NJCA PAC Chair, and President of Latina Civic Action. “There is so much more work to be done, specifically around policies that protect workers, immigrant workers’ rights, provide equity and racial justice for people of color, and enhance economic opportunities for working families.”  

Endorsed Candidates are:


Senator Moriarty (LD4)

Senator Cruz-Perez (LD5)

Senator Singleton (LD7)

Senator Gopal (LD11)

Senator Greenstein (LD14)

Senator Turner (LD15)

Senator Zwicker (LD16)

Senator Smith (LD17)

Senator Diegnan (LD18)

Senator Vitale (LD19)

Senator Cryan (LD20)

Senator President Scutari (LD21)

Senator Burgess (LD28)

Senator Ruiz (LD29)

Senator McKnight (LD31)

Senator Stack (LD33)

Senator Pou (LD35)

Senator Sarlo (LD36)

Senator Lagana (LD38)

Assemblyman McKeon running for Senate (LD27)

Assemblyman Mukherji running for Senate (LD32)

Assemblyman Timberlake running for Senate (LD34)

Assemblyman Moen (LD5)

Assemblyman Spearman (LD5)

Assemblyman Conaway (7)

Assemblywoman Murphy (LD7)

Assemblyman Deangelo (LD14)

Assemblywoman Reynolds-Jackson (LD15)

Assemblyman Verrelli (LD15)

Assemblyman Freiman (LD16)

Assemblyman Danielsen (LD17)

Assemblyman Egan (LD17)

Assemblyman Karabinchak (LD18)

Assemblyman Stanley (LD18)

Speaker Coughlin (LD19)

Assemblywoman Lopez (LD19)

Assemblywoman Quijano (LD20)

Assemblyman Atkins (LD20)

Assemblywoman Carter (LD22)

Assemblyman Kennedy (LD22)

Assemblywoman Tucker (LD28)

Assemblywoman Pintor Marin (LD29)

Assemblywoman Speight (LD29)

Assemblyman Sampson (LD31)

Assemblywoman Sumter (LD35)

Assemblyman Wimberly (LD35)

Assemblyman Calabrese (LD36)

Assemblyman Schaer (LD36)

Assemblywoman Park (LD37)

Assemblywoman Haider (LD37)

Assemblyman Tully (LD38)

Assemblywoman Swain (LD38)

Democratic Candidates

John Burzichelli (LD3)

Andrea Katz (LD8)

Anthony Angelozzi (LD8)

Gabriel Franco (LD9)

Joseph Atura (LD9)

Emma Mammano (LD10)

Brandon Rose (LD12)

Raya Arbiol (LD12)

Lucille Losapio (LD13)

Danielle Mastropiero (LD13)

Mitchelle Drulis (LD16)

Matt Marino (LD21)

Elizabeth Graner (LD21)

Edmund Khanoo (LD24)

Baramdai Sharma (LD24)

Christine Clarke (LD25)

Jonathan Torres (LD25)

Diane Salvatore (LD25)

Walter Mielarczyk (LD26)

John Von Achen (LD26)

Rosaura Bagolie (LD27)

Alixon Collazos-Gill (LD27)

Garnet Hall (LD28)

Julio Marenco (LD33)

Jodi Murphy (LD39)

Damon Englese (LD39)

John Vitale (LD39)

Jennifer Ehrentraut (LD40)

Giovanna Irizarry (LD40)

Jennifer Marrinan (LD40)


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