NJDOL Issues Stop-Work Order to Manville Contractor on Newark Construction Project

NJDOL Issues Stop-Work Order to Manville Contractor on Newark Construction Project


TRENTON – Investigators from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s (NJDOL) Division of Wage and Hour and Contract Compliance issued the following stop-work order on July 18, 2023:


Employer: NJ West Construction Inc. of Manville (subcontractor)
Work Location: 355/365 Broad St., Newark, NJ 07104

Nature of Work: Drywall installation at apartment/retail community
Details: NJDOL’s Division Wage and Hour and Contract Compliance prompted the investigation as part of its Strategic Enforcement initiative focused on the drywall industry. NJ West Construction Inc. was hired to the project by Blue Line Drywall and Builders Inc. of North Brunswick, which was also issued a stop-work order.

Violations: Improper classification of construction workers; failure to properly classify employees; minimum wage violations; failure to pay wages; earned sick leave records violations; earned sick leave notification/posting violations.

Number of Workers Affected: 4

Status: No hearing requested. Stop-work order active.


NJDOL has issued 142 stop-work orders since these powers were expanded in July 2019.


Stop-work orders are initiated by NJDOL to halt work being performed in a manner that exploits workers, or is otherwise noncompliant with state laws and regulations. An employer may appeal a stop-work order, in which case NJDOL has seven days to schedule a hearing.


NJDOL continues to monitor locations where stop-work orders have been issued, and can assess civil penalties of $5,000 per day against an employer conducting business in violation of the order. The stop-work order may be lifted if and when any remaining back wages and penalties have been paid and all related issues have been resolved.


For more information on worker benefits and protections, please visit myworkrights.nj.gov.

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