NJGCA: Employees Get a Sign of Thanks Amid COVID Chaos

New Jersey Gasoline, C-Store, Automotive Association (NJGCA)
(Formerly New Jersey Gasoline Retailers Association)
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July 8, 2020

Employees Get a Sign of Thanks Amid COVID Chaos
 Gas and repair shop owner recognizes essential employees in gesture
Three weeks ago, Hillcrest Mobil/Tire gas station and repair shop owner Robert Twynam decided that he wanted to thank his employees for their hard work and dedication during the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak in New Jersey. As a team, they had taken safety precautions such as wiping down nozzles and handling customers from the passenger side window at the gas pumps and providing each technician with their own hand sanitizer and wipes in the repair bays in order to ease both customers and employees minds about contracting the virus. Robert wanted the sign of appreciation to be big and displayed publicly to thank his co-workers for their commitment and service to the community. Twynam said, “We are experiencing a time in which a lot of people out there are exposing themselves to this virus who had to be out working. A lot of people did that and I want to recognize that. As long as the community needs me, I stay open.”

As a result of putting up the sign, customers that would not normally have stopped at his business come inside to tell him how much they love the sign. Robert says the sign “gets a conversation going between the customers, employees, and myself.” He continued, “Employees are able to promote the safety measures they are taking for the customers as well as other employees; and customers are able to take the time to thank employees who may otherwise go unnoticed during a global pandemic.”

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