AUGUST 6, 2020

BREAKING: Tom Malinowski Lobbied Against Sex Offender Registry
According to a recent report, Congressman Tom Malinowski fought against the establishment of the national sex offender registry as Washington special interest lobbyist.

According to a review of congressional records and lobbying disclosures, Malinowski opposed a 2006 crime bill that imposed tougher penalties on sexual predators, including a permanent record on the national sex offender registry for violent offenders who victimized children. He and his fellow lobbyists argued in a letter to Congress that “no legitimate community safety justification” exists to create such a registry, which they warned will put offenders “at risk of retaliation and discrimination.”

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt offered the following comment:
“Tom Malinowski’s roots are rotten and his values are hollow. That he was bought and paid for to lobby against protecting children from sex offenders is emblematic of his self-serving nature. Tom Malinowski will always look out for himself, and that means prioritizing the wishes of his political bosses like Nancy Pelosi over the needs of his district. There is no possible good explanation for his lobbying record, therefore it isn’t even worth demanding one. Tom Malinowski makes me sick.”
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